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QCA::RSAKey Class Reference

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class  Private

Public Member Functions

bool fromDER (const QByteArray &a)
bool fromNative (void *)
bool fromPEM (const QString &)
bool havePrivate () const
bool havePublic () const
bool isNull () const
RSAKeyoperator= (const RSAKey &from)
 RSAKey (const RSAKey &from)
QByteArray toDER (bool publicOnly=false) const
QString toPEM (bool publicOnly=false) const

Private Member Functions

bool decrypt (const QByteArray &a, QByteArray *out, bool oaep) const
bool encrypt (const QByteArray &a, QByteArray *out, bool oaep) const
bool generate (unsigned int bits)

Private Attributes



class RSA
class TLS

Detailed Description

Definition at line 230 of file qca.h.

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