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QCA::SASL Class Reference

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class  Private

Public Types

enum  Error { ErrAuth, ErrCrypt }
enum  ErrorCond {
  NoMech, BadProto, BadServ, BadAuth,
  NoAuthzid, TooWeak, NeedEncrypt, Expired,
  Disabled, NoUser, RemoteUnavail


void authCheck (const QString &user, const QString &authzid)
void authenticated ()
void clientFirstStep (const QString &mech, const QByteArray *clientInit)
void error (int)
void needParams (bool user, bool authzid, bool pass, bool realm)
void nextStep (const QByteArray &stepData)
void readyRead ()
void readyReadOutgoing (int plainBytes)

Public Member Functions

void continueAfterAuthCheck ()
void continueAfterParams ()
int errorCondition () const
void putServerFirstStep (const QString &mech)
void putServerFirstStep (const QString &mech, const QByteArray &clientInit)
void putStep (const QByteArray &stepData)
QByteArray read ()
QByteArray readOutgoing ()
void reset ()
 SASL (QObject *parent=0)
void setAllowActiveVulnerable (bool)
void setAllowAnonymous (bool)
void setAllowDictionaryVulnerable (bool)
void setAllowPlain (bool)
void setAuthzid (const QString &auth)
void setExternalAuthID (const QString &authid)
void setExternalSSF (int)
void setLocalAddr (const QHostAddress &addr, Q_UINT16 port)
void setMaximumSSF (int)
void setMinimumSSF (int)
void setPassword (const QString &pass)
void setRealm (const QString &realm)
void setRemoteAddr (const QHostAddress &addr, Q_UINT16 port)
void setRequireForwardSecrecy (bool)
void setRequireMutualAuth (bool)
void setRequirePassCredentials (bool)
void setUsername (const QString &user)
int ssf () const
bool startClient (const QString &service, const QString &host, const QStringList &mechlist, bool allowClientSendFirst=true)
bool startServer (const QString &service, const QString &host, const QString &realm, QStringList *mechlist)
void write (const QByteArray &a)
void writeIncoming (const QByteArray &a)

Static Public Member Functions

static void setAppName (const QString &name)

Private Slots

void tryAgain ()

Private Member Functions

void handleServerFirstStep (int r)

Private Attributes


Detailed Description

Definition at line 375 of file qca.h.

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