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Public Member Functions

QCA_CertContext Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

virtual QCA_CertContextclone () const =0
virtual bool createFromDER (const char *in, unsigned int len)=0
virtual bool createFromPEM (const char *in, unsigned int len)=0
virtual bool isNull () const =0
virtual QValueList
< QCA_CertProperty
issuer () const =0
virtual QString issuerString () const =0
virtual bool matchesAddress (const QString &realHost) const =0
virtual QDateTime notAfter () const =0
virtual QDateTime notBefore () const =0
virtual QString serialNumber () const =0
virtual QValueList
< QCA_CertProperty
subject () const =0
virtual QString subjectString () const =0
virtual bool toDER (QByteArray *out)=0
virtual bool toPEM (QByteArray *out)=0

Detailed Description

Definition at line 98 of file qcaprovider.h.

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