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QCA_SASLContext Class Reference

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Public Types

enum  Result {
  Success, Error, NeedParams, AuthCheck,

Public Member Functions

virtual QString authzid () const =0
virtual int clientFirstStep (bool allowClientSendFirst)=0
virtual const QByteArray * clientInit () const =0
virtual QCA_SASLNeedParams clientParamsNeeded () const =0
virtual bool clientStart (const QStringList &mechlist)=0
virtual bool decode (const QByteArray &in, QByteArray *out)=0
virtual bool encode (const QByteArray &in, QByteArray *out)=0
virtual int errorCond () const =0
virtual QString mech () const =0
virtual int nextStep (const QByteArray &in)=0
virtual void reset ()=0
virtual QByteArray result () const =0
virtual int security () const =0
virtual int serverFirstStep (const QString &mech, const QByteArray *in)=0
virtual bool serverStart (const QString &realm, QStringList *mechlist, const QString &name)=0
virtual void setClientParams (const QString *user, const QString *authzid, const QString *pass, const QString *realm)=0
virtual void setCoreProps (const QString &service, const QString &host, QCA_SASLHostPort *local, QCA_SASLHostPort *remote)=0
virtual void setSecurityProps (bool noPlain, bool noActive, bool noDict, bool noAnon, bool reqForward, bool reqCreds, bool reqMutual, int ssfMin, int ssfMax, const QString &_ext_authid, int _ext_ssf)=0
virtual int tryAgain ()=0
virtual QString username () const =0

Detailed Description

Definition at line 152 of file qcaprovider.h.

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